Two Broadwood Squares

These two pianos are in the reserve collection of the Norwich Museum, and the trustees have decided to dispose of them.  In accordance with museums' policy, they should remain in the country if possible, so preference would be given to UK purchasers.  Also, any possible future educational use would be considered favourably.


The guide prices are £800 for the 1789 example, and £200 for the

c. 1815.


Please contact Wayne Holland at the museum with your offers. As well as the financial element, the trustees will decide what is most in accord with the presumed wishes of the donors. Please make your case!

1 - 1789

This piano needs a full restoration, but it looks promising.  When well restored these early Broadwoods can be lovely instruments: my own 1787 example is my favourite square piano.

Nameboard should clean up nicely.  Calligraphy is unmolested.  (The date on mine had been crudely altered from 1787 to 1797, to make it look newer!)

Most of the inside is there, and original.  

Tuning pins original.  Original paper labels to correct rattling dampers. They seldom do, but please use special non-hardening clock oil if necessary (after cleaning, of course).

Not quite sure about the serial: for 1789 it should be about N° 900 - less than 1100.  Could be 1011?

Those beautiful brass dampers mostly OK and undisturbed.  Looks like top three missing.  David Law can supply repros, cast from (my) originals.

Hitchrail undisturbed.  Many original strings, and brass peg to support inner board.  FoSP have designs for this.  Graham Walker can supply authentic red cloth.

Happily, the stand has been discovered.  This is complete with all four casters and bolts - of significant value in thenselves.

2- c. 1815

Ivories and nameboard look OK.  Some loss to frets, but not difficult to repair

Six fine legs with original casters and collars.  Repros are available, but the total cost for the brassware alone would be about £450!  It would be very difficult indeed to get anyone to make turned and reeded legs like this today.

Much work to do, but action and wrestpins - probably many strings as well - seem to be present and original.

Typical split in lid, but apparently no loss of timber, and with care a good repair should be no problem.


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