Tomkison c. 1823

This handsome piano is beautifully veneered and cross-banded.  Good to see that it has retained its green 'shade'.

Many pianos claim Royal connections, but Thomas Tomkison really was the favourite of King George IV, formerly Prince of Wales and Prince Regent .  Please see the Tomkison Page for more about this important maker.  This piano is number 7191.

The tan-lines on the lid tell us that this piano has been open and loved, not locked away.  The light also keeps the ivories nice and white.

The piano was carefully restored by Ken Forrest in 1978, and he maintained it for many years afterwards.  Some sections of the 'pie-crust' moulding around the bottom of the case have become detached, but we are assured that the loose pieces are safe in one of those useful drawers.

There is one missing string, but otherwise the piano seems to be in good order.  

The timbers for this stylish piano were well-chosen.  It would be very unusual, but is the nameboard figured walnut?  

This fine piano is in Bath; the price is £1,500.


Please contact Caroline Sherwood-Roberts


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