Thomas Tomkison c. 1800

The 1½d stamp is from the 1952 issue, but the piano is a bit older than that!  The number 418 is from the years before Thomas Tomkison was appointed maker to the Prince of Wales - probably about 1800.

Good to see that the shade, made from mahogany in these pianos, has survived.

The all-important soundboard and bridge look excellent.

The seller assures us that all the bits are present, but there is a bit of an 'issue' with the treble  hitchpins and nut: it looks as if the top part of the hitchrail has failed, and allowed the nut to move.  This is a relatively straightforward repair that can be done from above, but it does need to be done securely.  Otherwise, the piano needs the usual adjustments to the action, and replacement of a few strings.

The wrestplank and strings are very tidy.

The top of the piano shows 'tan lines' where it has been sunbathing with the keyboard lid open - but I always leave my pianos like this anyway!  And a little work with the usual Magic Restorer mixture will soon improve the colour.  

This one is in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire; the price is £500.  Please contact David Wright


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