Tomkison 1820/21

Good to see that the green 'shade' has survived on this handsome piano. Thomas Tomkison seems to have been the first to use four turned legs rather than six; the threads on all four legs as well as the pedal are in good condition.

Many of the nineteenth-century makers claimed to be suppliers to Royalty, but Thomas Tomkison really was the favourite maker for the Prince of Wales, later to become Prince Regent and then King George IV.  His most famous piano is the ornate grand commissioned for the Brighton Pavilion, which after spending many years with the Colt Collection is now back in its proper home.

This piano, number 5401, is one of the first to be inscribed 'His Majesty'.

It was carefully restored some years ago, and carries a card from Michael Cole.

The interior is clean and tidy; just a couple of strings need to be replaced.

As well as the replacement strings needed, a couple of sticky notes need to be eased.  But otherwise, and apart from being well out-of-tune, the piano plays nicely, and it appears that no major restoration is necessary.

A couple of veneer repairs need to be done, one on the front and this one on the corner.  Cracking of the veneer on these round corners is quite common, and does not usually indicate underlying structural problems.  We can be sure that the veneer was laid using hide glue, and a repair should be quite easy.

An elegant stool is included in this offer.

The piano is in Glastonbury, Somerset; the price is £1,250.  Please contact Gill Venn   


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