Tomkison 1801 - Sold

This 1801 piano by Thomas Tomkison is the eighth-oldest known survivor by this maker, who subsequently was awarded the Royal Appointment to the Prince of Wales, later Price Regent and King George IV.  His most famous piano was made c. 1820 for the Brighton Pavilion, and has recently been restored to its royal home.  As seen in the picture above, this piano has lost its orignal undercarrige, which would have been a French stand, and is now supported by four turned legs.  However, it has apparently kept its original music-shelf and pedal.  The legs are old, and these changes probably were made quite early in the nineteenth century.

The maker's name is on a beautifully-engraved card label.  These were somewhat prone to damage, including insect-attack, but this example is in fine condition.

Its date has been determined from its serial number, 508.

The piano was expertly restored by the leading craftsman David Hunt in 1997, and remains in very good order.  The restoration report is available.



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