Thomas Tomkison c. 1820

This piano, by the famous Royal Maker, does need some attention, but it looks like a good prospect to me.  It seems to have been largely undisturbed - a state of affairs much preferable to unwise intervention.

The nameboard is rosewood with the brass inlay characteristic of the 'Regency' period.

Good news that the pedal is present  - these are quite difficult (or expensive) to replace.

A few hammers detached; dampers seem to be mostly there.

Soundboard and bridge look promising.

Good to see that the green 'shield' has survived - these are so often lost.


All six legs have their casters, but as is so often the case, the mahogany threads have failed.  Mahogany is not a good wood for 'engineering' applications such as these - beech or preferably hornbeam are much better!

Good Home Found.


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