Schoene 1795 - Sold

Frederick  Schoene was head of the firm that took over Zumpe's business holdings, an they were so keen to maintian the link with the famous name that they gave central placement on the nameboards of their pianos.  They were worthy successors, and built fine instruments.  This attractive example from 1795 is now offered for sale.  The owner states that it has the double action first seen on a Schoene piano of 1788.  This action was not much used in Britain, but it was successfully employed on a few pianos by Christopher Ganer, and found favour with Érard in France until well into the nineteenth century.

It is good to see that the inner 'shield' has survived.  Most of the original silk covering has gone, but a fragment on the underside is sufficient to indicate the correct and traditional dark green colour.  

It has been playted until comparatively recently, but it now does deserve a thorough refurbishment.  It then has the potential to be a lovely piano.

The hammers look good.  The damper-cover is missing, but the brackets are there, and define the necessary profile for a replacement.  Not difficult to make - advice available.

The top 21 dampers are missing, but again, quite easy to make.  Those remaining serve as a pattern, just continue the gradual size-reduction.

The grain at the most sharply-curved part of the bridge is always 'short, and shrinkage-cracks at this point are common.  We cannot be absolutely sure from the picture, but it does look as if this is just a small crack, and the treble section of the bridge has not detached and moved.  In these cases, an entirely satisfactory repair can be done from above.

The soundboard looks good, and the wrestpins are original. 




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