Schoene 1788 - Sold

The firm of Schoene & Co were justifiably proud of the fact that they were sucessors to Johnannes Zumpe, to the extent that they often gave more prominence to their predecessor's name than to their own.

This example is borrowed from a contemporary piano.

The piano now offered is the finest example of their work to appear on these pages.

The seller writes:

Schoene Square Piano 1788


On the name-board: “Schoene & Co, successors to Johannes Zumpe Londini Fecerunt 1788.” Very good condition, restored by Jean Maurer in about 2013. Everything works well. Five octaves FF to f'''; ivory naturals and ebony capped sharps; 4 pedals: damper lift, buff and lid swell, 4th pedal at present not in use but was probably for a bassoon stop. It was probably altered very early on (with the addition of 2 extra pedals) for the French market. Can be seen and tried in North London. Contact Huw Saunders  £6000.





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