Rolfe c. 1810 - Sold

Rolfe's pianos share with Clementi and a few others the beautiful flower paintings on the nameboard.  Each one was individually painted, but they conform to a small number of standard designs.  The sweet-pea motif (borrowed from an 1805 Clementi) forms the header for the pages of this website.  This Rolfe piano features the most elaborate of the designs, and is not often found on other makes.  The flowers are sweet peas, Turk's cap lilies, blue auriculas, rosa centifolia, and morning glory.  

On opening the lid, we see another delightful characteristic of early Rolfe pianos - the charming double music-desk. This is integral with the inner board or shield, and is beautifully-made.  The green painted shield itself carries a design of silver flowers and foliage.  All of these decorative features are happily in excellent condition.

Underneath the shield, the interior of the piano shows signs of benign neglect:  it seems that all the parts are there, the soundboard and bridge look good, and even the maker's label is still intact.  This one is just waiting for a complete internal restoration, after which it will be an exceptionally beautiful example of an early Regency piano.



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