Thomas Preston c. 1820

This piano has been played in company with other instruments  until recently.  

The date of this piano is something of a puzzle.  The Dean Street address does not appear in the records until 1822, but somehow it looks a bit earlier than that.

Good to see that the inner shield has survived;  there is evidence underneath that it was once painted in the usual green.

Soundboard and bridge appear to be good.  The leg-threads have suffered the usual signs of wear; three have been replaced with new stubs (from Lucy Coad) but more attention would be beneficial.  In the meantime, it does stand up!  There are a couple of missing strings now, but otherwise the owner assures us that it is basically OK.

This piano is in Hackney, London.  It will need two people to carry it downstairs - the owner is unable to help in this respect.  The price is £600.


Please contact Mike Parker



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