Thomas Preston c. 1798

It's quite rare that we are able to offer an eighteenth-century piano in full playing order.  This one belongs to a gentleman who loves his books, as you can see, but is sadly no longer able to play.  

We are happy to see that the inner board (referred to by Broadwoods as the shield) is present.

This is a 5½-octave piano, and it's interesting to note that the action is alll in one piece, with the top eight hammers operating underneath an overhanging soundboard, rather than through a slot.  It's possible that this avoided infringing the Southwell patent.

The case, nameboard, and keyboard are in excellent condition.

The gentleman has owned the piano since 1953, and it was carefully and professionally restored in 2012. 

Thomas Preston was at 97, Strand, from 1781.  This 5½-octave piano dates from the later years of the eighteenth century.

There is one handstop, operating a damper-lift.

All aspects of the restoration look neat and tidy.

The piano has not been tuned or played for a little while now, but we are assured that all the notes play correctly.



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