Longman,Clementi & Co  - Sold

This beautiful piano was made just before the turn of the century, when the bankrupt firm of Longman & Broderip had been rescued by the celebrated musician Muzio Clementi.  Within a very short space of time, the name on the pianos was changed to the more familar Muzio Clementi & Co.

A charming feature of these pianos (and also some by Rolfe and others) was the beautiful paintings that adorned the nameboard.  Although conforming to one of a number of standard designs, each one was painted by hand.  

This example is in good condition, and was restored by Andy Durand just three years ago.  It has been used since then in a number of recitals.

It's good to see that the orginal silk-covered inner board (or 'shield' as described by Broadwoods at the time)  has survived - these are very often lost, but have an important influence on the sound, particuarly as received by the player.



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