Longman & Broderip N° 435

Longman & Broderip, serial number 435. 
An extremely rare example of a ‘tropicalized’ 18th century square piano.
There is no veneer nor any inlay used on this piano - nothing decoratively extraneous that could cause problems
in a hostile climate.
There are a number of strategically placed bolts/fixings, reinforcing the piano’s construction.
Most Longman & Broderip square pianos of this period are raised on frame stands with vertically veneered top rails.
This piano is on a solid (dismantle-able) trestle stand.
The only decorative feature of the piano is the beautifully painted nameboard with the English, Welsh & Scots insignia.
It has a five octave compass FF-f3, single action, with one hand stop controlling the damper lift.
The piano which is not in playing condition was chosen by the BBC for its forthcoming period production
‘Captain Collins’ about the First Fleet, which transported the first convicts to Australia in 1788.
With the exception of the strings, many of the treble dampers and the damper rail (which are replacements),
it appears to be in a complete and original state.
Price £1400.
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