Longman & Broderip c. 1790 - Sold

This beautiful piano is number 1610 in the 5-octave series,

dating from  c. 1790.

It features the escapment 'double' action patented by John Geib in 1786.  Geib was one of the principal makers for L&B at this time, and he sold the patent rights to the firm.

The piano has been sympathetically restored, with most of the work being done by Andrew Lancaster in 2011.  

It features cloth 'butterfly' dampers, which were an improvement over the earlier buff leather pads. 


The interior 'shade' has survived, with replacement green silk covering; the underside carries the original instructions for regulating the action in French and English.  

Provenance is included from the catalogue and sale invoice from its appearance at Sotheby's as lot 90 on 16th  December 1975.




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