John Southwell, Dublin

The name of William Southwell is well known as one of the most innovative makers, famous for his exquisite cabinet work, as well as the 1794 patent which gave us the 'Additional Keys' design as well as the wire-operated gravity dampers.  The patent was licensed to Longman & Broderip (later Clementi) and the dampers were the basis for those used in grand pianos to the present day.  His son John had joined him in the business by 1798 at least, and stayed in Dublin after his father had moved to London. The piano now offered for sale is the only one known to carry the name John Southwell alone, and is dated (internally) 1822.  

It is a splendid-looking piano indeed, with beautifully figured veneer on the case.  

Since its restoration by David Hunt in 1984, it has remained in the care of the same family, although not much played in recent years.

Note that it comes with a tuning-hammer and what appears to be a regulating tool - essential for adjusting those top notes!  The green 'shade' is still present (shown in the picture above).

The piano is in Norfolk; the price is £2,000.


Please contact Pam Mckie


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