J G Malmsjö, Göteborg

J G Malmsjö was a name not familar to me, but 'Clinkscale' came to the rescue:

MALMSJÖ, Johan Gustaf (Gårdstånga, Skåne, 14 Jan. 1815–Gothenburg (Göteborg), 13 Sept. 1891). Important piano maker in Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden. After an apprenticeship as a joiner, Malmsjö worked at O. B. Ekström & Co. in Malmö from 1835, and from 1840 to 1843 for A. Marschall in Copenhagen, and again for Ekström. He then opened his own shop in Gothenburg, receiving his licence in 1844. (Dolge/PIANOS, 456; Lund/KULTUR) Malmsjó was eventually appointed royal court instrument maker, and from 1851 his company were awarded many prizes in international exhibitions. After Malmsjó’s death the large and successful firm was headed by Wilhelm Seydel, the founder’s son-in-law; in 1916 the factory was relocated to Arvika. Taken over by Ostlind & Almquist in 1966, the firm went out of business eleven years later. (Helenius-Öberg; K. T. Johns in EKI i. 336 f.)

Five pianos by this maker are recorded, four of them in the Skenkonstmuseet. The curious thing is that three of them have a compass CC - g4, and one CC - a4, just short of seven octaves. This one has the full seven octaves - AAA - a4, which implies that it is later. But the others have serial numbers between 4320 and 8490, whereas this one is 2437.  I am puzzled.

Whatever, this is a lovely piano by the Royal Maker, and although the owner says that some attention is necessary, it does seem to be in very good condition.  We note that it is overstrung, with a beautiful golden partial iron frame.  The beautiful and delicate music-desk is intact.

This piano came to England with the family in 1964, but now needs to find a new home.  It is currently in Petersfield, Hampshire, and is generously being offered Free* to a new owner who will give it the love and care it deserves.   Please contact Victoria Foster   vfoster70@gmail.com


*As an unconditional gift, it is not affected by the UK Ivory Sales Act.


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