J & A Watson (Edinburgh) c. 1800   For Sale in Canada

The firm of John and Archibald Watson proclaimed themselves to be 'From London'.  This attractive piano certainly shows signs of a Broadwood heritage.

The beautiful brass under-dampers were characteristic of eighteenth-century Broadwwood pianos.  These are the straight pattern; Broadwood changed to a swan-neck style in 1793, but somehow this piano feels a few years later than that.  

The handsome brass handles are certainly a practical feature.  They are sometimes fitted to square pianos as a later addition, but the only other J&A Watson piano in our records has similar handles, which suggests that they are probably original.

This piano was carefully restored soon after its arrival in Vancouver some years ago.


It is now offered for sale.  For details, please contact

Kate Vallance  kate@vallance.ca


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