Irmler c. 1825 - 30  SOLD

Johann Christian Gottlieb Irmler was born in Dresden in 1790.  After studying piano making in Vienna, he founded his famous firm in Leipzig in 1818.  The firm continued to make pianos until the 1950s.

The Seller writes:


Irmler 'Viennese' Square piano to offer:

A Square piano made by the famous German piano factory „Irlmer“ in Leipzig. According to the number it was built in the middle to end 1820s and is in original condition. The case is veneered in beautiful Cuban mahogany and has the typical twist. Some keys (covered with bone - not ivory) speak and promise a wonderful tone after restoration.
The hammers are covered with leather in the treble section and also with felt in the bass (seems to be original).

Unfortunately some parts are missing:
Moderator buff
Front section of the lid

The instrument is in Germany. Cheap shipping to UK can be provided.
The price is 800€//£670 (British bank account is available)



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