Greiner c. 1835

Now in Trier Museum

  A home needs to be found for an unusual square piano, by A Greiner, made about 1835 in Frankfurt. 6 octaves FF - f4. Greiner is known for developing a special mechanism designed to minimize case twist. This particular piano was bought in about 1928 by the father of a lady living in Zofingen, Switzerland. It was then the "house piano" and was played a lot. It has never been restored so is in original condition and has its original tuning key. It has, however, ceased to function optimally and has not been played for many years, but has been cared for and the casework is in excellent condition. The owner is thinking of the future, and wants to ensure that the piano is sympathetically placed before it may become necessary for her to move. She would be open to any offers.


20th October: We are happy to say that the Piano now has found a new home in a museum in Trier.


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