Goulding & D'Almaine c. 1826

George Goulding, Dealer and Music Publisher, took several partners from 1785 until about 1834, when the firm's name was changed to D'Almaine & Co, under which label it continued until 1866.  The combination Goulding D'Almaine & Co ran from 1823 until 1834, and this piano dates from the middle of that period.  

This handsome piano is in a mahogany case with a rosewood nameboard.  There are a few minor veneer scuffs, and the lid has the usual badge of honour where somebody has placed a vase of flowers.  

It has been carefully restored at some time, and the hammers and dampers are very tidy.  

It has a very interesting three-section bridge: the change in length from the bass section to the main bridge gives a more even tension between the brass and iron strings, while the discontinuity in the treble maintains the speaking-length progression from the main section to the separate treble action.  

The soundboard and bridge look very good indeed.  This piano is in Shrewsbury; the price is £400.  


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