George Dettmer & Son c. 1830 - Sold

George Dettmer is more frequently encountered as the maker of fine pianos for Goulding, D'Almaine & Potter and others, as indicated by the intials 'GWD' on the soundboard (see the Goulding, D'Almaine & Potter for sale on these pages).  It is less common to see a piano that was sold under his own name; this handsome example dates from the 1830s, after he had been joined by his son in the business.

The seller writes:


George Dettmer 6315

A piano from the 1830's, working well - it is unrestored as it only needed some cleaning and maintenance: 95% original strings, all the action in original state, keeps it tuning pretty well (it was recently taken out a back room where it was untouched for about 20 years  and was still very playable). This piano has obviously been much loved and played through its life, judging by the wear on the keys . The case had been cleaned some time in the 20th. century, so the finish is newish if inoffensive.

The piano is in Suffolk. It could be delivered  (for the cost of petrol) to a reasonable distance, Offers in the region of £300.



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