Collard & Collard 1838

Good to say that all the notes on this C&C work, and the pedal is present and correct.  

2020 is the number within its own sequence for the model, but the ink number 34261 is the tally of all pianos made by the firm, formerly Longman & Broderip, then Clementi & Co) since the introduction of the 5½-octave squares in 1796.  This number dates the piano to 1838.

It will need tuning, of course, and after nearly 200 years possibly some other attention as well, but it does seem to be in original condition, including the strings.  These C&C pianos can be vulnerable to cracking of the bridge where the grain is 'short', but this one looks fine.  Note the 'Stewart Patent'  (granted to Clementi &Co) whereby the plain strings turn round the hitchpins and return.  This saves time and material.  All pianos are like this now, except Bösendorfer grands.

The real gold name-transfers are somewhat fragile, but the image above, taken from another piano, is available to anyone wishing to make a copy.


This piano is in Cambridge; the price is £200.


Please contact Brian Moore


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