Clementi c 1815 - SOLD

This Clementi, probably from the years 1810 - 1820, is handsomely embellished with brasswork -  around the edge of the case, and collars and casters on the legs.  The decorative paterae at the tops of the legs look particularly attractive.  

One of the less-common presentations of the maker's name, achieved in pure gold.  Fortunately, this one is in very good condition - they are very difficult to restore.  

Most six-octave square pianos have a compass running from FF - f4, but this one is unusual in having a lower range from CC - c4, the standard compass for English grands of the period.

The owner assures us that all the hammers are present (at least one detached).  The soundboard, bridge, and wrestpins look good.  Most of the dampers are missing, as is one of the keyfronts, an ivory, and the wheels of the casters.  However, included in the offer is a Tomkison piano of similar age (below), which has all these parts.  



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