Clementi 1827

This lovely piano is one of the last style to bear the Clementi name, before the firm became 'Collard & Collard late Clementi & Co' c. 1831. That said, it might be one of the 'first of the last'. Clementi/C&C numbers become a bit confusing after this time, but the stamped 461 is clear enough. This one does appear in Leif Sahlquist's database, as one of the early 'Grand Squares', dated to 1827. This was the first year when the Clementi 'Stewart Patent' was employed, by which all the plain wire strings were looped around a single pin on the iron plate, and returned to a second tuning-pin. Before this, each string had its own individual 'eye', as the covered bass strings still do. This system is universally employed up to the present day. 

The picture above confirms that the pedal assembly is present.  But sorry, the 1924 Frazer-Nash is not included!

This was an advanced piano for its date, with single overspun bass strings and an iron string-plate.  It is in good condition, and was played until comparatively recently, but now it is time for it to find a new home: the owner is generously offering it free to good home.


The piano is in Rugely, Staffordshire.  Please contact Michael Elsom


Transport will be the respobibility of the new owner, but some help may be available.



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