Clementi 1825

This Clementi is number 15374/20367, dating it to 1825.  At first sight the French stand is something of a puzzle, but it fits nicely.  And if a future owner wished to restore the six-legged undercarriage, plenty turn up at local auctions on desk-conversions.

We see  in the picture below a couple of detached hammers, but replacement of the leather hinges is routine after 200 years.

A new set of strings is needed.  By 1825 the strings were heavier than this, with unusually closely-spaced covered strings.  I have records from a similar piano.  

The inside is generally clean and tidy, with no obvious major faults.

The bridge is divided, to take the overspun, red brass, and yellow brass up to its top, with the steel strings given a longer scale on the main bridge to achieve a similar relative stress, and hence a better tone.  This will be a fine-sounding piano.

New home found


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