Clementi 1824 - Sold

This handsome six-octave Clementi is number 14707 (stamped) which confirms its date as 1824.  This eye-level view indicates that it is free from the twist (when the front right corner cocks up) which can be a problem with square pianos.  The pedal is  present, as we would expect in a piano of this quality.

Everything looks neat and tidy, and it has evidently received a new set of strings relatively recently.

Rosewood nameboard, and nice level keyboard with good ivories.

Soundboard and bridge look good.

One spring-guard seems to be missing (they don't do anything...) but Friends of Square pianos might have a good match in the spares-box.

Dampers have been replaced where necessary.  The owner (who inherited the piano fifteen years ago) assures us that the piano 'plays , but needs a little tuning', which is only what we would expect.  





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