Clementi 1824 - Sold

This Clementi is number 15197 (stamped) in the series of square pianos, grand total for the firm 20068 (ink).

It was restored by Andrew Garlick, and purchased from him in 1979.  

Internally it seems to be complete, but perhaps it is now time for a 'refresher'.

The double bridge is interesting.  This was originally a Broadwood patent, and applied to grands in the 1790s.  They adopted the arrangement on squares in the 1820s, but I have never seen it on a Clementi before.  It is an acoustically elegant device to enable longer scaling for the first of the iron strings after the brass (bass) section.  Iron is both stronger and lighter than brass, so if the strings share the same bridge, there is an abrupt drop in tension at the transition.  



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