Clementi 1818 - Sold

I have to qualfy my comments by  reminding friends that, as usual, I have not seen and examined this piano.  But from what we can see from the pictures, and from what the seller tells us, this is one of the finest pianos, and in the best condition, ever to appear on these pages.

The number 12545 dates it to 1818, the year in which Felix Mendelssohn, aged nine, gave his first public concert in Berlin.  The piano is the epitome of Regency elegance, and as well as the elaborate brass inlay, offers a perfectly preserved example of Clementi's most elaborate real gold name-design.

The beautiful mahogany case features gilt brass bandings and leg-collars, as well as knobs on the two music drawers.

The piano was sold at Sotheby's in 1986, and from being in good condition to start with, has benefitted from careful restoration.

The piano has not been tuned since some time before its owner's recent death, but apart from that his famlily assure us that it plays well.

It comes complete with a tuning-hammer.



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