Clementi c. 1812  'Grand Compass' - Sold

This six-octave Clementi is special - the lowest note is CC, rather than the usual FF.  This compass was very unusal on square pianos, but was more common on contemporary grands.  Only about four square pianos with this keyboard are listed in 'Clinkscale' , and there was one in the Colt Collection.

The number of this piano is 9765 (stamped) which dates it to 1813.  The keyboard is in good condition; I think the keyslip may be seen at the back of the piano in the picture below.

This piano has been with its present owner for a number of years as a restoration project, but he is now handing it over to be completed by a new owner.  All the original wrestpins are present.  The six main legs are original, and a matching pedal-leg has been turned from mahogany.  

It comes with a new set of covered strings, made by Lucy Coad, who has also calculated a stringing schedule for the remainder of the compass.  She examined the piano some years ago, and the seller writes:

The sound board and the bridge are original. The wrest plank looks well glued and does not require re-gluing. The hitch plank is also good. There are no signs of the case-work parting from the bottom boards. The keyboard is good and has a nice patina on the ivories. The Irish dampers and their connections through the hitch plank are missing, but there is a small piece of that connection still in place. The dowels for the connections to the keyboard are still there and the instrument has no dust cover. A new support for the damper pedal has been turned in mahogany to match the profile of the legs, but a new damper pedal needs to be made and fitted to that support. A restringing chart has been calculated, to be supplied with the instrument, and a new set of bass overwound strings in tinned copper has also been made up to go with it.



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