Clementi 1804 - Sold

Clementi's Pianos are always popular, and this is a fine restored example in good condition.

The pianos from the first few years of the nineteenth century are the prettiest; the hand-painted garlands on this one are morning glory. 

It was professonally restored by Andrew Lancaster in 1989, and remains in good order.  The stamped serial number 3896 dates it to 1804.

Good to see the green-painted 'shade' with its silver flowers.  These are not 'dust covers' - they have an important acoustic function in smoothing-out the tone.  

The ink serial number 4197 at the treble end of the row of wrestpins is the total of all pianos including grands, starting with the 5½-octave squares in 1796, made by Longman & Broderip and then Clementi.  This is necessarily greater than the number of square pianos indicated by the stamped number.  

It even comes with an adjustable stool!



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