Calder of Aberdeen c. 1825

The seller writes:


It’s an instrument by the Aberdeen maker/dealer, Alexander Calder, c.1825. As far as I can ascertain, very few instruments are known to survive by this Scottish maker who ran one of a small number of fashionable music businesses in Aberdeen during the first part of the 19th century. The instrument is in original, unrestored condition and, as seen, stands on 6 elegant legs with brass collars and castors. The case is in mahogany and is structurally sound, with just a few age-related blemishes and has attractive brass decorations and two music drawers. Although the compass and layout correspond with instruments by contemporary London makers, internal measurements and features are clearly different from those of Broadwood pianos of similar vintage. Like contemporary Edinburgh pianos, I’m sure that this one was also made north of the border.


The nameboard is inscribed in ink: Alexander Calder, Piano Forte Maker, Aberdeen. The original pedal leg is present, but missing its footplate. Case dimensions (approx.) 66” wide x 23” deep x 35” high.



The price is £500 and the piano is currently housed in South Wales.


Please contact the owner, John Cranmer


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