Broderip & Wilkinson c. 1805

From the wreckage of Longman & Broderip in 1798, as well as the more famous firm of Muzio Clementi & Co., there also emerged another firm, Broderip & Wikinson.  Francis Fane Broderip (the original 'Broderip' from 1774) died some time before February 1807, So we can date this piano to  the first few years of the nineteenth century.  This piano carries the Haymarket address, the 'additional address' of Longman & Broderip from 1782.

This elegant example was recently restored, but after being unplayed for a while, now has just one or two lazy keys.  The seller assures us that it had a lovely sound.

The 'shields' on B&W pianos were hinged rather than loose, and hence less likely to have been lost!  As we would expect on a piano of this qualith, the pedal is present.

Very unusually, the back of this piano is veneered and inlaid, indicating that it was expected that it could be placed in the centre of a large room to give a better experience to the player and her admiring audience.  This was a special piano.

The piano is in York; the price is £2,000. 

Please contact William Jenkyns


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