Broderip & Wilkinson c. 1800

Soon after the bankruptcy of Longman & Broderip in 1798,  Francis Fane Broderip set up a new firm with George Wilkinson.  Broderip died in 1807 or possibly earlier, after which the firm continued as Wilkinson & Co until being sold to Thomas Preston in 1810.

The inner 'shades' of these pianos were hinged to the back, and hence are less likely to be lost.

This piano was restored in the 1980s and remains in good condition, although perhaps it is time for a little 'refreshment' to adjust the action.

Very unusually for a piano this early, the back is veneered and inlaid, so that it could be placed in the centre of the room, with the player facing the audience, rather than being against a wall.

This piano is in the York area - the price is £2,000.


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