Broadwood c. 1829

The serial number on this six-octave Broadwood is not clear, but it looks like 3710?  Whatever the final digit, if it begins 37--- then the date is 1829, which fits the specification and appearance of the piano perfectly.   

It still has the original green cloth covered hammers for the lower part of the compass.

The two small shrinkage-cracks in the soundboard will be very unlikely to affect the tone, but they could easily be shimmed from above.  The characteristic Broadwood divided bridge has the correct pattern of brass on the lower section, breaking back to a longer scale for the steel strings to give a more uniform tension.  However, the lowest seven pairs should be close-covered red copper on steel, whereas they appear to be plain.  The tone of the bass would be significantly improved if they were replaced.

This one comes with the useful bonus of a tuning-hammer.  It has not been played for some time, and is hence out-of-tune, but the owner assures us that it is otherwise in working order.

This piano has been registered for legal sale under the UK Ivory Sales Act: Certificate number 74JJ9BJM.  


It is in Wetherby, Yorkshire; the price is £600.  Please contact Liz Johnson


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