Broadwood c. 1826

This Broadwood does need some restoration, including a new set of strings, but it has many good points.  It's good to see that all six legs and the pedal are present.  As is often the case. there are a couple of worn threads; replacements are available from Andy Durand.

The nameboard, calligraphy, and ivories are in excellent conditon.

The serial number would have been written in ink just to the right of the tuning-pins; sometimes it was repeated on loose fitted parts to ensure they stayed with the correct instrument.  Possible places to look include under the pedal-foot, on the back of the nameboard (sometimes behind the music-desk) and underneath the back right corner fretwork.

  Broadwoods at this time had the acoustically-elegant divided bridge, to give the first of the iron strings a longer scaling that the last of the brass, and hence a more equal tension with less risk of breakage to the brass. Some of the strings appear to be original, but an authentic stringing schedule is available.  

  While the strings are off, it would be a good idea to replace the red cloth with authentic material from Graham Walker, and some attention tto the hitchpins is necessary.

  From the photographs, the condition of the bridges and the soundboard seems to be good.  

  This piano is in West London; the price is £250.  Please contact Charlene Rodrigues


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