Broadwood  c. 1815

This Regency piano has lost its serial number, but from its specification and appearance we can date it to the second decade of the nineteenth century.

It does need some renovation, but it does appear to be in basically sound condition.  All six legs and the pedal (detached) are present, but a couple of the threads need attention.  

The piano was evidently restored in the past.  The strings are replacements, but not entirely to the original schedule (data available).

The original wrestpins were replaced, and the site of the serial number is now occupied by a name (presumably the restorer) and a date.  It is likely that the serial number was repeated on one or more of the loose parts - possibilities include the pedal assembly, the back of the nameboard, or the corner fret.  All of these parts were detached for finishing, and the number often written in pencil to ensure that they were returned to the piano to which they had been fitted.  

The piano is currently in careful storage, and we do not have pictures of  the soundboard and bridge.  However, the seller can provide on request access to a couple of short videos, and no problems are apparent to me in these 


The piano is in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.  It has been registered in compliance with the Ivory Sales Act; certificate number 59P85GJA.  Please contact Ewa to make an ofer. 


Please contact Ewa Tytman Csiba



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