Broadwood 1836 - Good Home Found

This Broadwood is N°47097, dating it to 1836.

Failure of the leather hinges is normal in a piano of this age, and some of the hammers in this example are detached.  We cannot be certain, but we think that most,if not all, of them are still present.  The pedal leg is also present; the actual pedal-bit is missing, buit these are easy to make.  It's the leg that would be difficult or expensive to replace.

Note the divided bridge, with the covered and brass strings on the bass section, and the steel strings given a longer scaling to give better relative tension and better tone.  This was introduced to Broadwood squares in the early 1820s, and this is a late example before brass strings were abandoned in favour of an all-steel rig.

This piano has been much loved and played for nearly 200 years, as witnessed by the wear on the keys.  As it was kindly being offered Free to Good Home, it was not necessary to register it for exemption under  the Ivory Sales Act - the clue is in the word 'Sales'.

The piano will need work to make beautiful music again, but it looks like a good proposition to me, with no serious faults apparent. 


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