Broadwood 1833 - Price Reduced

This handsome piano is in much better condition than most.  It is number 43408, which dates it to 1833, possibly 1834.  The pedal is not visible in this view, but it is present.  

'Their Majesties' refers to William IV and Adelaide.  Whoever 'the Princesses' were, they were not the children of Willam and Adelaide - their only legitimate child Princess Elizabeth of Clarence had died in 1821 at the age of 2 months.

The interior is clean and tidy

This piano has beautiful swirly enamel on the string-plate and bar, and has the divided bridge, as introduced on grands some years earlier.  This puts the covered and brass strings on the bass bridge, and then breaks to a longer scale for the iron strings.  This is acoustically correct, as it avoids the otherwise inevitable break in relative tension (iron is both lighter and stronger than brass).

However, neat as it is, the string specification is not correct.  When the piano was restrung (apparently in 1933) phosphor-bronze was used throughout.  Also the bass strings are open-covered; they should be close-covered copper on iron, and considerably heavier.  There will be a dramatic improvement in the sound when the piano is re-strung (a schedule is available for an authentic set).  


Also visible in the above picture is the catch to hold the hammers should it be necessary to withdraw the action.  This is the sign that this piano has the check-action, which improves the touch and repetition. 

These pianos are susceptible to cracking of the bridge where the curve is greatest, and the grain 'short'.  However, this one has been carefully checked, including the somewhat inacessible part under the bar, and no evidence of cracking has been found.


This fine piano is in Woodford Halse, Northamptonshire; the price is £500.


Please contact Steve Davis


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