Broadwood 1831 - Sold

This handsome piano is in full playing order.  It was professionaly restored by Lucy Coad in 2000, and has been carefully maintained played since then until earlier this year when it sadly lost its owner.

A curiosity for those of us who 'really should get out more';  It is dated in the usual way on the lowest key 25-03 -31.  This is probably the date when the keyboard was completed - it surely took more than one day to make a piano!  So the instrument was completed some time after this date.  But it is inscribed 'Makers to His Majesty etc.,  which refers to George IV (Queen Caroline died in 1821).  But George had died in June 1830, and William IV was now King, with Adelaide as his Queen. We expect pianos from this reign to carry the appointment to 'Their Majesties', so this looks like an old name-cartouche (written on parchment).

Internally, the piano is in excellent condition.  It is one of the last with the divided bridge, which gives an acoustically-correct longer scale to the first steel strings (steel is both lighter and stronger than brass, so the longer scale allows a more even tension).  The separate bridge carries the lower overspun and brass strings.



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