Broadwood 1831 - Free to Good Home

This fine piano is number 40771.  The mahogany  case is in good condition, all four legs have original casters, and the pedal is present.

The rosewood nameboard and ivories look perfect.

The hammners and dampers are good.  Most of the strings are original and undisturbed, but at the end of their life.  Recent tuning attempts ahve have led to breakages - it needs and deserves a new set of strings.  

The soundboard and bridge are good.  The iron string-plate and bracing-bar add rigidity to the structure, and by reducing the length of the strings beyond the bridge help to stabilise the tuning.  Broadwoods of this date retain the acoustically-elegant divided bridge to give a better scaling to the first of the iron strings, and hence a more even tension.


The owner is very kindly giving this one Free to Good Home, which is an amazing offer for such a fine piano.  It is in the London area.


Please contact John Hollingbery


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