Broadwood 1831                                              New Home Found

This piano is somewhat inaccessible, so apologies that the pictures are not all they might be.  

It is number 40744, from 1831, at the beginning of the reign of King William IV.

It is in need of some Tender Loving Care, but as far as I can see, the prospects are promising.  

Please note that the lid is loose, and has been propped near the front edge for this shot.  The piano has an iron string-plate - a help for tuning stability.  Note the separate bass bridge for the covered and brass strings.  At the change to iron, the scale is longer on the main bridge, which gives more even tension and stresses the iron strings correctly (Iron is both lighter and stronger than brass).  There are seven monochord covered strings from FF to BB, three pairs of  bichord red brass C - d, then yellow brass to the end of the bass bridge.

New Home Found


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