Broadwood 1829

This piano is one of the first Broadwoods to stand on four turned legs, rather than the six which had been the fashion from 1807 until 1828.  It's good to see the green 'shade' still in place - these are so often lost.  

Some work has been done on this piano - it is clean inside, and the music-desk is a replacement.  Very unusually, the key is there!

The soundboard shows the divided bridge, an idea borrowed from Broadwood grands, to give a longer scale and hence a more equal tension to the first of the steel strings.  This was discontinued in the early 1830s, when brass strings were no longer used.

The underside of the shade carries the serial number of the piano.  These were individually fitted, and these and other loose parts such as the pedal, nameboard, and back corner fret were often numbered to ensure that they stayed with the correct piano in the factory or showroom.  'Archer' was probably the foreman.

Two tuning-hammers in the little cubby at the left of the keyboard!

There is a pedal, but this is a replacement.  Apart from this and the music desk, all of the bits appear to be there, and original.  However, we should mention some separation of the front right corner: this is a fairly common problem.  It needs to be investigated, and probably repaired.  The modest asking-price of £150 takes this into account.  


This piano is in Winchester. Please contact Jamie Brooks 


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