Broadwood 1828 - Sold

This Broadwood is number 35850, dating from 1828, and one of the first to stand on four legs rather than six.  Good to see the pedal present.

Wrestpins original, nameboard and ivories good.

The piano has evidently been restored comparatively recently.  The owner (who acquired it as part of a house-deal) assures us that althought it is terribly out-of-tune, all the notes work.  

The strings look right - the correct pattern of seven pairs of close-covered copper on iron, three pairs of red brass, and yellow brass to the top of the bass bridge.  There is then a change to a longer scale for the steel strings on the main bridge, to allow for a more even tension (steel is lighter and stronger than brass).  If the strings are serviceable, as they appear to be, this is a significant expenditure that will not be necessary.

Curiously, quite a few of the spring-guards appear to be missing.  Their only function is decorative, but Friends of Square Pianos may be able to help with replacements.

The soundboard and bridge look good.



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