Broadwood 1825 -                              New Home Found

This Broadwood is number 32360, a close relative of 32195, my very first square piano.  This one does need a lot of work, but most of the bits are there.  It has all six handsome reeded legs (attention needed to threads) and significantly the pedal is present and complete.  These are so often missing, and not easy to make.  

This was a 'de-luxe' model, with a hansome cross-banded case, and brass inlay on the beautiful rosewood nameboard.

Curiously, half of the wrestpins and strings have been removed, and the strings are scrap anyway.  A full schedule for authentic strings is available from FoSP.  

As we said, most of the bits are there, but considerable work is needed.  Many of the hammers are loose, and a few of these and a couple of dampers are missing.This could be a fine piano, though.

We see that this piano has the divided bridge to give the proper scaling (and hence tension) to the first iron strings; this acoustically-correct detail was first introduced on grands.  The soundboard and bridges appear to be OK.  The hitchpins are tinned brass, and crystallisation and subsequent failure is quite common.  As the pins on a particular piano will be from the same batch, once a few have failed, it's best to replace the whole lot.

New Home Found


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