Broadwood 1823

This handsome six-octave Broadwood is number 28435.  It was restored by Andrew Lancaster in 1994, and remains in good condition.  It has not been played for some time, and is of course well out-of-tune, but it is otherwise just about ready to make music again.

These pianos were invariably pictured being played with the main lid closed, but if it is to be played open, the central prop places far less stress on the hinges and the back of the lid than a single prop at one end.

Beautiful brass inlay.

This was one of the first Broadwood squares to have the divided bridge, first introduced on grands.  This gives a longer scaling to the first iron strings, and therefore a more equal relative tension - iron is both lighter and stronger than brass.

This lovely piano is in Sunninghill, Berkshire.  The price is £1,750.  

Please contact Valerie Foster


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