Broadwood 1817

This one has retained all six legs, although a couple of the threads are past their best Lucy Coad can provide replacement stubs.)  Unfortunately, the pedal is missing, but Tony Millyard (see Restorers and Craftsmen) may be able to help with a replacement.  A repair is also necessary to the lid by one of the main hinges.  

The sycamore nameboard and inscription are in good condition.

Internally it is clean and tidy; the hammers and dampers look good.

The strings look quite good, but the bass strings could be improved (a correct stringing specification is available).

Number 21770 correspomds to a date of 1817.

The bridge looks good; there is a minor open joint in the soundboard, but this can probably be corrected from above.  The cloth around the hitchpins is the correct colour, and if original, is in remarkably good condition.  This piano comes with a tuning-hammer.  It is located in the Barnet area; the price is £450.


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