Broadwood 1817

Broadwood N° 22392 is being offered Free to Good Home.  It's not the one in the picture above - we await pics of the actual one - but it is broadly similar with a rosewood nameboard and brass inlay, but we belit it has a plain mahogany case with square corners.

It is an uncompleted restoration project, believe to be structurally sound.  Most of the action parts are present; it does have a pedal but not the original.  There are no usuable strings.  

As it is offered FtGH, it is not affected by the Ivory Sales Act, and  registration of the ivory keyboard is not necessary.  It is at the premises of John Broadwood & Sons, Lythe, Whitby, where it may be seen,  Please contact Alastair Laurence on 0777 077 2233.


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