Broadwood 1808

In 1806/7, Broadwoods finally abandoned the single action with brass under-dampers, and introduced a new specification to compete more directly with their very successful competitor led by Muzio Clementi.

At the same time, the eighteenth-century 'French stand' with square tapered legs gave way to turned legs, often reeded and with decorative brass collars, as on this example.  The major internal changes were the adoption of the Geib-style escapement action and overhead wire-operated 'dolly' dampers.  These made the operation of the pedal simpler and more responsive - as required by the increasing use of expressive phrasing in the music.  

This piano was carefully restored some years ago with advice from Malcolm Rose.  It's good to see the interior 'shade' - probably a replacement for the lost original.

The nameboard and ivories are very good.  The slip in front of the keys is not in place in this picture, but it is present.  One moulded keyfront is missing, but I am checking to see if I have a match amongst my 'spares'

The hammer which is not apparent in this picture is merely detached, and resting on the keys below, waiting to be given a new leather hinge.

This piano is in Hoathley, Sussex; the price is £250.  

It has been registered in compliance with the UK Ivory Sales Act; the reference is BSW1DVDP.

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