Broadwood 1803

This Broadwood is the 5½-octave curved underdamper model, which unusually was sold with a pedal (still present).  It is offered for sale as a partly-completed restoration project.

The fiddle-back sycamore nameboard and fine calligraphy are excellent.  We like to see dates on our early pianos now, but when they were (fairly) new, owners often scratched them out (or sometimes altered them) to make the pianos look newer than they were.  Happy to say that this one (at the top of the oval) is untouched.

Good soundboard and bridge. 

The 'Shield' (Broadwood's own contemporary word for it) has survived, and although the green silk is probably original, perhaps it deserves a new piece - unless it is just possible that it could be washed and relaid.

All the wrestpins are there... are the hammers and dampers.  Some of the curved damper-arms ('peacocks') were damaged of missing, and replacements (cast by David Law from originals) are included.



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