Broadwood 1801 - Sold

Regular visitors to this website will know that these early Broadwoods are my favourite square pianos, with their beautiful brass under-dampers, and detail improvements to the single action.  The fine example now offered for sale is a 5½-octave model.

This one was expertly restored David Hunt in 1992; a full report is available on request.  He has just re-visited the piano to tune it and check it over, and he reports:


Broadwood Square Piano No 5956 of 1801 - visit 16th July 2019.  After a very comprehensive restoration in 1991, I was very pleased to find it still in excellent playing condition and very surprisingly only slightly below the design pitch of A415. Structurally it shows no signs of any problems and the soundboard is good. I have given it two tunings, pulling it up slightly, and checked all dampers, which are all working well. I had forgotten what a very original instrument it is and what a good sound its very old (original?) hammer covers make.


The brass dampers have the curved form to allow for the slightly larger hammers introduced around 1794, but the tone of these pianos remains light and silvery.

It remains in excellent condition, although it has not been tuned for a number of years.



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