Broadwod 1787 - Sold

Regular readers will know that these First Series Broadwoods, with their Latin inscriptions and reliable and efficient brass under-dampers, are my favourite pianos.  This example of the 'elegant' model with its French stand and more elaborate inlay-banding is in need of a considerable amount of work, but it deserves to be carefully restored.

Sadly, the namebord has suffered, and the date and the word 'Patent' have been lost.  It should look like this (below)

We know that the date should be 1787, because the serial number has survived.  The nameboard should be cleaned and re-lettered, but this is a job for a skilled calligrapher.

Otherwise, the piano seems to be basically complete and sound; the full set of dampers are present, and the wrestpins are original.

A couple of splits or open joints look as if they are easily repairable, otherwise the soundboard, bridge, and hitchpins look good.  It does, of course, deserve a new set of strings - those in the bass in particular don't look right.

The hinge needs a bit of attention, but the paper instruction label has survived perfectly.




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