Borrowman c. 1815

The name 'Borrowman is not well-known - there are currently no recorded examples in 'Clinkscale' - but we have seen one other example before - very similar to this one.

We see a handsome English piano, typical of the period 1810 - 1820, with six turned legs and three drawers.  The pedal is present - just visible behind the stool.

Internally, the piano appears to be identical to a Broadwood, with the tuning-pins at the back, rather than at the right, as in most square pianos of the time.  There are some broken strings, so a full re-string would be desirable, but the condition of the action looks good: we are assured that 'most of the notes work'.  The wrestpins appear to be original.

The strong similarity to a Broadwood continues at the right-hand end, with the bridge and the arrangement of the hitchpins.  Even the red cloth under the ends of the strings is the same soft red colour.  The condition of the ivories looks very good, as does the soundboard.


This piano is near Market Harborough, Leicestershire;

the price is £400.  
Please contact Stephen Hyde


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