Bates 1793 N° 175

Pianos carrying the name of Bates & Co were only made for that one year of 1793, before a fire ended production.  When it resumed at the 'Corner of Edward Street and Wardour Street', it was under the name of Houston.  This example, number 175, is from near the end of the run.  It has a delicately-inlaid nameboard, and rests on a French stand.

The piano is conventional for its time - five octaves, single action with wooden lever over-dampers, and two handstops contolling a divided damper-lift.  

This piano is fully restored, and came from the estate of the late Edward Greenfield. It is in fully playing order.

Everything looks just as it should.  

This one is in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire : the price is £2,500.

The seller is willing (subject to Covid restrictions) to offer delivery to any mainland UK address, setting-up, and tuning for an additional fee - please ask for a quote.


Please contact David Wright


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